Citizens of the Year…

Since 2000 when he began this tradition, Jefferson Township Mayor Russ Felter has named his Citizens of the Year at the annual Jefferson Township Day event to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the community of Jefferson Township.

2000   The Jack Kelly Citizen of the Year Award

2001   Paul “Joe” Mikowski & Andrea “Gig” Coley                                                 

2002   Deborah Smead & Art Bonito

2003   Carol Punturieri & Brooke Hardy                        

2004   Julie Mastricola & Phil Leavitt      

2005   Christine Williams  & Richard West

2006   Margit Rahill  & Neil VanDyke

2007   Doris Roberts & Cliff Williams                                                               

2008   Bill Craig & Kathy Valva

2009   Larry Parr & Marge Babich

2010   Kim Finnegan & Irv Ackerson  

2011   Rose Jackameit & Tom McCarthy    

2012   Eileen Grady  & John Focacci

2013   JT Emergency Services:  Jefferson Township Fire Company #1 (represented by Chief Dave Van Veen); Jefferson Township Fire Company #2 (represented by Chief John Tovo): Milton First Aid Squad (represented by Jody Burr): Jefferson Township Rescue Squad (represented by Tommy Wood); Jefferson Township Office of Emergency Management (represented by Andrew Schmidt): Jefferson Township Police Department (represented by Police Chief Kevin Craig); and Community Emergency Response Team - CERT  (represented by Pamela Graham  and Linda Hamer)

2014   Debi Merz & Eric Wilsusen

2015 Kathleen Damerel and James Perrier

2016 - Janet Breckenridge and Rick Yocum 

2017 - James Leach 

2018 - Janet Boetticher (Mayor Eric Wilsusen’s first recipient)  

2019 - Katherine “Kat” VanWolput 

2020 - First responders and frontline workers -- Fire Company #1 – Chief Ray Cabrera and Assistant Chief Dave Wetzel, Fire Company #2 – Chief Lou Loiacono and Assistant Chief Tom Jardines,  Jefferson Rescue Squad – Chief Ron Anzalone and Past Chief Albie Garcia, Milton First Aid Squad – Chief Frank Parete, PBA President – Detective Tim Hecht and Delegate Detective Eric Sudak, iPediatrics Owner – Advance Practice Nurse Practitioner Kristen Puget-DePuyt CPNP, Acme Market – Assistant Store Director Jim Thompson 





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