What's New --2017 Summer Concert schedule

Friday 6/30 Jefferson Township Community Concert & Jazz Bands @ 7pm
Friday 7/14

Tequila Rose @ 7pm

Friday 7/21 Richard Reiter Swing Band @ 7pm
Friday 7/28 Reminisce @ 7pm
Friday 8/04 Symphonics @ 7pm
Friday 8/11

South Street Station @ 7pm

Friday 8/18 Carnaby Street @ 7pm
Friday 8/25 Fab Forward @ 7pm

All concerts are FREE at the Gazebo in the Jefferson Township Municipal Complex, 1033 Weldon Road, Oak Ridge, NJ

Who We Are

The Jefferson Township Gazebo Committee was formed in 1998 in an attempt to realize the dreams of constructing a township gazebo.   After extensive fundraising, the dream became a reality in 2000 when the project was completed and a beautiful Victorian style gazebo structure was constructed.  Situated in the Jefferson Township Municipal Complex on Weldon Road, it stands majestically beside the entrance driveway leading into the complex and can easily be seen from Weldon Road.
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