About Us

The Jefferson Township Gazebo Committee was formed in 1998 in an attempt to realize the dreams of constructing a township gazebo.   After extensive fundraising, the dream became a reality in 2000 when the project was completed and a beautiful Victorian style gazebo structure was constructed.  Situated in the Jefferson Township Municipal Complex on Weldon Road, it stands majestically beside the entrance driveway leading into the complex and can easily be seen from Weldon Road.

Landscaping the site has continued to grow over the years, and the gazebo has even become a popular place for wedding and prom photographs.  The gazebo also serves as the location for the township’s Christmas Tree to be placed and the structure is beautifully adorned with white lights for a tree lighting ceremony to take place and Santa arrives officially opening the holiday season. 

In 2006, a memorial was placed at the site recognizing the many people who were involved in the gazebo’s conception especially the late Deborah and Ben Smead and in August of 2018, the late Patricia Otto.

The Gazebo Committee has been presenting a summer concert series for the past several years bringing varied entertainment into the community for everyone to enjoy. From jazz to country to big band sounds, single performers and groups have all performed in the gazebo.  The brick walkway was extended recently to provide a larger performance area for the musicians and singers to use outside of the structure itself and an area large enough for the public to dance if they are so inclined.  The concerts are always offered free to the public on Friday evenings during the summer at 6:30 PM.  Attendees bring along a blanket or chair for their comfort and are always welcome to bring non-alcoholic beverages, dinner, and snacks. It’s a delightful way to spend a Friday evening!

The Committee was absorbed under the umbrella of the Jefferson Arts Committee in 2006.

Recent enhancements to the Gazebo include a paddle fan and LED lighting in the structure and LED lights on the "stage" part of the outside brick walkway. Engraved bricks can be purchased.

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