About Us

The Jefferson Arts Committee is a non-profit organization located in Jefferson Township (Morris County), New Jersey, dedicated to the pursuit of cultural and artistic activities that include concerts, student artist programs, special choral and instrumental performances, art and photography shows, summer gazebo concerts, and theatrical performances.

The concept was conceived back in 1986 when the Liberty Days Committee was formed by township residents Jack Kelly, Debbie Smead, Janet Breckenridge, and Frances Focacci, and some other interested township residents. They wanted to celebrate the Statue of Liberty’s Centennial in Jefferson Township with a huge celebration, and they did.   After such a successful event, they decided to form a committee to continue the celebration concept; and in 1987, they formed the Jefferson Arts Committee (JAC) naming it after its new chairman Jack Kelly.

Over the years, seeing an interest in many areas of the arts, The Jefferson Community Players, The Jefferson Township Community Band, The Jefferson Township Community Chorus, and The Jefferson Township Gazebo Committee emerged from the JAC’s mission as sub-committees and are today sponsored under the umbrella of the Jefferson Arts Committee.   All the groups have a specific interest and operate successfully within the community.

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