About Us

The Jefferson Arts Committee's Student Artists of the Month program was conceived by former President Jack Kelly over a decade ago to recognize the talented art students in the Jefferson Township School district.  The art teachers from White Rock, Cozy Lake, Ellen T. Briggs, and Arthur Stanlick Elementary Schools along with the art teachers from the Jefferson Township Middle and High Schools choose one outstanding piece of art work from their students on a monthly basis and submit it to the Jefferson Arts Committee.  The art work is displayed for one month at the Jefferson Township Public Library and each student and their family and friends are invited to that month's awards presentation.  Each student is recognized with an award certificate and a medal for outstanding achievement.
In June of that school year, all the art work that was recognized over a seven-month period is displayed in the Jefferson Township High School Media Room where a reception is held for the Student Artists of that school year who were recognized.  Their family and friends are all invited and the Jefferson Arts Committee brings in a guest artist who speaks to the students about his/her art career or hobby and exhibits their own art work.  Refreshments are provided.  

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